Sehat participates in TiE panel event (Revolutionising Healthcare Delivery in Pakistan)

Lahore, Friday November 25, 2016:


Healthcare-Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery in Pakistan was a workshop held at Royal Palm on Friday November 25, 2016 at 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm, organized by the Lahore Chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs.


The aim of the workshop was to bring together healthcare practitioners & professionals, pharmaceutical companies, medical institutes, academia, entrepreneurs, healthcare startup founders and students. The workshop focused in new developments in Healthcare ecosystem globally and locally and implication of these changes for the health sector in Pakistan. How various startups and companies are facilitating in bridging the identified gaps in the ecosystem. What are the emerging trends in Healthcare industry and what are the challenges faced by healthcare practitioners.




There were three designated speakers for the event, and the moderator was Fahad Tanveer, a LUMS MBA graduate affiliated with Vitalis Healthcare, a healthcare investment platform in Pakistan

  • Osman Khalid Waheed (President, Ferozsons)
  • Furquan Kidwai
  • Omar Chughtai (Chughtai Laboratories)



There were a total of six startups who represented a panel at the event:

  • AugmentCare (CEO – Hyder Mumtaz)
  • Sehat (CEO – Nadir Mumtaz)
  • SGH Nutrition (CEO – Saba Gul Hassan)
  • (Co-Founder Abid Zuberi)
  • RingMD (Country Head Ehsan Imam)
  • Marham


Medipak & Remington Pharma acted as official sponsors of the event.



Tie Workshop Picture


Here is a video of Sehat’s presentation at the workshop

President of Lahore TiE Chapter, Humayun Mazhar, delivered his closing remarks at the end. 


“I feel that there is humongous potential in Pakistani healthcare delivery. We are not able to serve 200 million people through our traditional public sector hospitals, even with private hospitals due to financial and logistical barriers. Additions direly needed include telemedicine, technology driven gadgets and web-based consultation. This will help the government to penetrate every nook and cranny of Pakistan”


What followed were Mr. Naveed Chowdhry’s remarks (Naveed is Vice President of the Lahore TiE Chapter):


“Throughout the ages, the quest for the preservation of life, treatment of ailments (whether through preventative or curative methods) and the extension of life span have been at the forefront of our existence.”

The talk ended on high note with active participation from the relevant circles, academia, professionals, startup founders, incubators and accelerators. The audience applauded the efforts and greatly appreciated the format of the program.

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