Startup Buffer

Startup Buffer

Startups all over the world face many issues with marketing themselves on a large scale. This can be attributed to many factors: limited marketing budgets, understaffed marketing departments, legal regulations based on the nature of the business etc. One issue that Startup Buffer is looking to solve is online PR, an area that a lot of up-and-coming nascent companies often struggle with. The big guns normally outright refuse to cater to such entrepreneurial “proletariat” and focus on other stories. Tech Journals might have a go at covering them, but they often judge their business aptitude through a limited “technical lens”. Through these issues, a savior has risen through the ranks: Startup Buffer.

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Startup Buffer has a very large following on social media channels, with the sole raison d’etre of promoting startups through their channel. This bodes very well for startups in developing countries like Pakistan, where a nascent startup community is yearning to reap the benefits of the recent mobile Internet boom for bolstering its own businesses, while also looking all over the globe for much needed funding to grow its enterprises.

Listing startups on a portal, however, is just one of the few things that Startup Buffer does. It goes one step further to promote startups through their marketing channels to a wide variety of tech connoisseurs all over the world. It also provides consultancy services to those very startups in question. Personally, I think Sehat would benefit quite a bit through the help of Startup Buffer. Sehat offers a service that many people all over Pakistan have been ‘begging’ for since the country’s inception. In a land tormented by corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, Sehat wishes to end the deadly trade of fake pharmaceuticals in the open market; they consist of nearly 30% of pharmaceutical sales in the country. Sehat also distinguishes itself further from not only ecommerce ventures in Pakistan but around the world by providing ease of use through its Order Scheduling and Store Credit features.

Startup Buffer’s founder, Makyol, certainly has a lot to look forward to from Pakistani startups. I hope Sehat can be the first on his radar

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