Sehat wins the Healthcare Category at the Inaugural Ecom Awards

Sehat wins the Healthcare Category in the Inaugural Ecom Awards



Sehat participated in this year’s Inaugural Ecom Awards, held by Profit Magazine of PakistanToday. The other partners that were involved in the event were Pakistan Ecommerce Consortium and Next Gen.

The awards ceremony itself was divided up into two awards: The People’s Choice Awards (for e-commerce sites) and The Founder’s Choice Awards (for e-commerce stakeholders in which only founders could vote)

All in all, there were 11 categories in the People’s Choice Awards:

  • Beauty
  • Electronics/Gadgets
  • Facebook/Instagram Seller
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Grocery
  • Healthcare
  • New Ecommerce Startup (2020)
  • Ride Sharing
  • Specialty Store
  • Travel & Ticketing

Sehat managed to secure the most votes to win the Healthcare category in competition with six other entrants

Sehat was envisioned by our late former Chairman Nadeem Ahmed Mumtaz in 2011, with it’s launch duly planned in 2014. In the space of 7 years, the company has seen massive progressions: in to B2B Sales, Medical Agency Sales, Pharmaceutical Marketing, and an expansion in to other verticals as well. Our team and our customers have made us proud to be recognized as the top healthcare e-commerce site in Pakistan.

We dedicate this award to them, without which none of this would be possible

Full results can be viewed here: eCommerce Awards of Pakistan (


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