Sehat wins a global award in Social Impact




Even though 2020 has not been a year to remember in a positive light for most, it did bring some positive news for Sehat, which won the Social Impact Award from the Pharmaceutical Technology Awards, bringing global recognition to the e-commerce brand has been at the forefront of CSR among e-commerce sites and startups, namely for their contributions in youth development. This includes many initiatives such as #SehatCares, whereby they hold regular football camps in Chitral for the youth, #SehatStart, where they hold seminars for entrepreneurs who want to acquire certain skills, and #HackThePad, where they have partnered with local organizations for Female Health and Hygiene awareness in Pakistan.

It is based on these efforts that Sehat received this award and continues to make social impact a huge part of its brand

Bilal Mumtaz, Director at, had the following to say

“Sehat is more than just an e-commerce brand – it’s a way of life. We are committed to providing quality healthcare at the customer’s doorstep in every single location of Pakistan. Though medicines and products that are available at Sehat provide a treatment to an ailment that patient might be having, we strive to make Sehat a brand that provides the customer with ‘ease of mind’. Many different institutions and notable brands have partnered with us due to our professionalism, expert knowledge of the industry, and our innovation.”




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