Calling all athletes: Sehat’s Sports Kit is out

There’s many reasons why athletes playing sports in Pakistan can contract serious injuries during outdoor games in Pakistan. For one, Pakistan’s terrain is known to be quite tough on the knees and joints. Even “Firm Ground” cleats can’t sink in to the ground properly. Secondly, there are a lack of first aid supplies at various sports arenas/fields in this country that contain adequate supplies to treat others in an effective manner.

Well, Sehat has good news for you. They have just released a Sports Kit (which can be purchased through this link) which is what the booming sports industry in this country has seriously has been lacking. Yes, it’s more than understandable to keep first aid supplies – but certain products are simply ignored (e.g. gauze or triangular bandages)

There is an age old question of whether to use Cryotherapy (with cold sprays such as Ethyl Alcohol or BioFreeze) or Heat Therapy (with Deep Heat Spray or Naturelief). There is a simple way to evaluate this. Short-term relief for sprains and injuries require Cryotherapy, especially if the player in question needs to play immediately after the therapy. Heat based therapy should be applied a for a longer-term solution, and is most effective right before going to sleep. However, in most cases if a sudden injury were to be contracted, a cold pack/ice should be applied immediately to provide relief.

Other items in this kit provide a lot of use as well. Triangular bandages are there to hold upper body joints in place. Gauze Swab Bandages can provide suction of blood for serious injuries which result in blood loss. Zinc Oxide adhesive plasters are also in place for making sure any application of an ointment/cream/spray can be sustained with a tape that really sticks to the skin. Alcohol swabs are present, but so is dettol and absorbent cotton wool in ample quantity to ensure small and large wounds are catered for.

To top it all off, there are ORS sachets to make sure athletes’ are properly hydrated with electrolytes.

The kit contains the following items:

1 x Absorbent Cotton Wool 50g

1 x Nitto Surgical Tape 1 inch 1’s

2 x Saniplast Family Pack Bandage 5’s

1 x Lidosporin Ear Drops 5ml

1 x Polyfax Skin Oint 20gsports-kit-sehatpk-closed-blue-box-f-110-tcm-sports-football-cricket

1 x Cicatrin Powder 20g

1 x Elastocraft Stretched 4×4.5m 1’s

2 x Panadol Tab 500mg 10’s

2 x Disprin Tab 300mg 10’s

1 x Nuberol Forte Tab 650mg/50mg 5’s

1 x Triangular Bandage 36x36x51 inches

1 x Alcohol Swab 10’s

1 x Naturelief Tube 25gm

2 x Cotton Bandage 10cmx3m 1’s

1 x Curine Eye Drops 0.025% 15ml

2 x Cotton Bandage 5cmx3m 1’ssports-kit-sehat-football-cricket-pyodine-curine-cicatrin-wool-gravinate-nuberolforte-dettol-biofreeze-gauze-triangular-bandage-crepe-naturelief-menthol-scissors-hot-cold

1 x Dicloran Gel 20g

1 x Quench Cream 1% 15g

1 x Safety pin 2 inch 6×12’s

1 x First Aid Box Empty Large 1’s Model F-110 (Blue & White)

1 x Biofreeze Pain Reliving Spray 4oz 1’s

2 x Gravinate Tab 50mg 10’s

1 x Gauze Swab Sponges Sterilized 10cmx10cm 5’s 8Ply

1 x Paragon Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plasters 7.5cmX5m

1 x Pyodine Sol 10% 60ml

1 x Hot & Cool Gel Pads Medium 1’s (Model HC75)

1 x Scissors & Forceps Set 1’s

1 x Peditral Lemon Powder Sachet 1’s

1 x Brufen Tab 600mg 1×12’s













The following organizations have already entrusted Sehat with their healthcare needs by through purchasing this kit


Arena56 gets our kits



So what are you waiting for? Click here to buy the Sports Kit or call 042 11 11 73428 to place your order!

In the meanwhile, enjoy this testimonial by a Squash Legend of Pakistan, Gogi Alauddin

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