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Peridot Products & Sehat

We are associated with the healthcare industry and hence majority of the products in our store are directly related to health. While most of our products are medicines, we do sell some products that kills germs or reduce your chances for infections. The product we sell are produced by Peridot and we can bet that every household and company in Pakistan uses at least one of their products.


Peridot are the manufacturers of products under the brand names of Kiwi, Glint and Black Cat.

Peridot Products


In case you are wondering how these products are health related then you should read below their labels. The glass cleaner you though just cleaned the glass also disinfects it, the fabric cleaner not only removes stains but also kills germs and while you may think that their shoe polish does nothing for your health then it would be our pleasure to tell you that you are wrong. It does so much for your health that it deserves another paragraph.



Remember the times when you were still in school and had your shoes polished at least once a week? Guess what… the polish your mom, dad, sibling or you yourself used was Kiwi. Wanna know why your shoes looked good even years after they were purchased? Yup you are right, it was Kiwi that made them look good. Lastly, we can’t appreciate enough the thousands of roadside cobblers that provide our shoes with quick shines whenever we need them and yes they do so with Kiwi.


Kiwi Shoe Polish


Any product that reminds you of your childhood, rescues you in time of need while also providing a respectable earning to thousands should make you feel great. If it makes you feel great, then it is good for your health!


We hereby rest our case.



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