Sehat launches First Aid Kit distribution, supplies to Plan9

Sehat’s First Aid Kit



Many times there have been issues with maintaining good health and safety practices in the workplace. Headaches, upset stomachs, and muscular pains are just a few of the many conditions employees could face that can severely reduce their productivity in the workplace. It is on this premise that Sehat has, through intensive research and development, developed an ideal solution for corporations to provide their employee base with items that can serve as precautions for avoiding any mishaps at the office.

And it’s written in the law, too. All factories must have first aid supplies that are consistent with any of the three tiers of employee bases:
1. More than 9, less than 21 workers
2. 21 to 50 workers
3. More than 50 workers
(Source: Punjab Factories Rules 1978, Appendix I)

However, there leaves much room for debate on how corporate offices should deal with potential injuries or illnesses incurred by their respective employees. After all, injuries are more likely to be sustained in factories as opposed to regular offices. Yet, even the slightest hiccup at work can cause a bit of havoc.

Picture this: an employee has a slight fever and is unable to perform his duties. Sending someone across to get even a couple of pills of Panadol could be a very cumbersome and time-consuming task. The result is a loss in time and productivity for not just the employee, but potentially for the entire company as a whole.

That’s why Sehat, after consulting different office employees from different workspaces, have compiled a First Aid Kit that contains just about everything required at a workplace for employees to function at full capacity.



Sehat managed to create waves over their in-house product by securing the services of Plan9. Being a startup itself, Sehat realizes the amount of diligence and tenacity required by entrepreneurs to bring their products to life. Illnesses and even accidents can seem commonplace once sleep deprivation kicks in and loss of focus and energy arise.


Plan9 currently has 15 startups under its wing as per the current cycle. Sehat wishes each and every one of them the best of luck in bringing their products to market. The list of the contents of the First Aid Kit can be seen below. Alternatively, one can place an order for the kit by clicking on the following link:







1 x First Aid Box Plastic Small (Empty)
1 x Pyodine Sol 10% 60ml
2 x Cotton Bandage 5cmx3m 1’s
1 x Surgical Forceps 5 inch
1 x Surgical Scissors 5 inch
1 x Dettol Sol 50ml
1 x Absorbent Cotton Wool 50g
1 x Nitto Surgical Tape
1 x Saniplast Family Pack Bandage 5’s
1 x Lidosporin Ear Drops 5ml
1 x Curine Eye Drops 0.025% 15ml
1 x Polyfax Skin Oint 20g
1 x Dicloran Gel 20g
1 x Alcohol Cotton Swab 10’s
1 x Cicatrin Powder 20g
1 x Quench Cream 1% 15g
1 x Polyfax Eye Ointment 6g
1 x Elastocraft Stretched 4’x4 5m
1 x Xynosine Nasal Spray 0.1% 15ml
1 x Imodium Cap 2mg 6’s
1 x Flagyl Tab 400 mg 10’s
3 x Panadol Tab 500 mg 10’s
3 x Disprin Tab 300 mg 10’s
1 x Nuberol Forte Tab 650mg/50 mg 5’s
1 x Safety Pin 2 inch 6×12’s

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