’s World Cup Anthem, “De Chakka”

Saad Hussain ft Hadi Imran

“DE CHAKKA” 2015 World Cup Anthem


sehat saad hussain de chakka cricket world cup 2015 team pakistan anthem
Saad Hussain Cover Photo for Sehat Facebook Page


 The 2015 Cricket World Cup was beckoning. A start-up in Lahore by the name of Sehat was in the process of coming up with quirky but effective marketing activities to promote their brand all over Pakistan. At the same time, an aspiring musician by the name of Saad Hussain just so happened to have recently signed on with Sehat as a Marketing Manager. One day, Saad himself conveyed to the Marketing Department that he had created a song for the 2015 Cricket World Cup three years prior, and a music video was in the works. Then, an idea popped up: would sponsor Saad Hussains’ brainchild song by producing its music video and marketing it, thus becoming the first ever start-up to produce a World Cup Anthem.

Now on to the story of Saad’s song. it was a fine summer day in 2012, on a train to Karachi from Lahore. He was alone, and suffering from extreme boredom. His only companion on the train was his guitar. He looked around the train on all four corners, and happened to see a few kids playing cricket in a tightly enclosed space in the form of a corridor. It was then he decided to pick up his guitar and compose what would later become a cricketing anthem. Time passed, but it was in 2015, the year of the coveted Cricketing World Cup, that Saad decided to get his song produced by a very well known music producer, Ahsan Perveiz, and later get it mixed and mastered by Afzal Hussain – the mastermind behind ‘Aadat’ by Jal.

Saad, after having his song produced, left Ovex Tech, and joined Apothecare Private Limited as Sehat’s Marketing Manager. It was then that the idea of Sehat having a hand to play in producing his music video became a reality. The music video itself was shot in the Old City of Lahore, and was directed by Hadi Imran.

The response for the music video has been overwhelming, and is thoroughly being considered as the best song for the 2015 Cricket World Cup so far

The music video can be viewed here

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