Sehat at Plan X Demo Day (November, 2015)


NOVEMBER 11th, 2015

      The PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board) simply outdoes itself time and time again. From conceiving the Plan 9 Incubator and Plan X Accelerator to hosting a wonderful awards ceremony for P@SHA (Pakistan Software House Association), the board itself has maximized its efforts to promote Pakistan’s tech scene through a wide variety of means.

In November, Plan X decided to hold another Demo Day, a mere 8 months after holding its previous Demo Day. This time, mroe than 50 startups had their stalls set up on the 3rd floor of Arfa Technology Park, at no cost, to promote their respective products. Some of the most notable brands present were MangoBaaz (a social news website promoting a ‘different side of Pakistan’), AutoGenie (a doorstep car repair service), and BookMe (a ticket booking platform for cinema tickets and intra city bus tickets).

Sehat set up their stall yet again, but with two important additions: (1) a prototype of a First Aid Kit available for the public, and (2) an introduction of home vaccinations for their service
vaccinator comes home startup demo day plan x pitb arfa tower technology lahore online pharmacy sehat yeh aapkisehathai mangobaaz
Sehat Director Bilal Mumtaz and Vaccinator Ehsan
 Sehat managed to impress all the bystanders and attendees at the event with the promotion of their stall. They assured customers of the following USP’s of their service:
  • Nationwide Delivery of Medicines within 48 hours
  • Stocking of medicines direct from the manufacturer
  • Having a temperature controlled warehouse for medicines
  • Being able to ship temperature sensitive items within the recommended temperature range of 2 to 8 degrees for a period spanning up to 48 hours
  • Having the expertise of running pharmacies under the reputed Fazal Din Banner
  • Ability to provide home vaccinations in three cities of Pakistan
  • The introduction of a first aid kit prototype, tailored for home, office, and clinical use

Sehat also managed to talk to other startups for provision of first aid kits for their transportation vehicles and offices.

Please visit the following link to visit Sehat’s Home Vaccination Portal, where you can schedule a vaccination for any of the following diseases:




Vaccination vaccine vaccinator ehsan sehat online pharmacy pakistan medicine vaccinatorcomeshome planx demo day pitb arfa karim tower technology park yeh aap ki sehat hai
Sehat Vaccinator showcasing his equipment
sehat stall demo day apothecare brochure sehat online pharmacy plan x demo day pitb punjab information technology board arfa technology park lahore medicineforall yehaaapkisehathai
Demo Day Attendees at Sehat Stall
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