Sehat and RockShield partner up to give back during Ramzan

Ramzan is known as a time to give back to those less fortunate than you. That’s when Sehat decided to present to RockShield an opportunity to show their appreciation towards the efforts of Pakistan’s heart and soul, responsible for making our houses in to homes – the laborers who are subjected to intense physical conditions, at RockShield’s project sites.rockshield-sehat-onlinepr-firstaidkits-giveback-csr-fazaldin-yehaapkisehathai – Pakistan’s Leading Online Pharmacy – and Texture Coating Specialists RockShield have decided to fulfill their due Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through conducting a planned activity that involves handing essential items for sustainability to construction workers at planned project sites of Rock Shield in various areas of Punjab. This marks the second activity under the planned #SehatCares campaign, first initiated with Model Town Football Club in their distribution of Sports Kits.

In this planned activity, construction workers of various project sites will receive caps, water bottles, and First Aid Kits (provided by Sehat) in honor of their valuable service to the province of Punjab and the country of Pakistan as a whole. Many are subjected to extreme heat and dangerous conditions, for which proper precautions and on-spot treatment is necessary. Sehat, a Fazal Din Family project, has thus decided to carry on its proud heritage in the medicine business by aiding RockShield, which has seen massive growth and has instilled a great working culture among its laborers. Both organizations will continue to carry out more activities in the near future to spread awareness of proper home care practices in regards to healthcare and home furnishing.

You can get the First Aid Kit here:

“It’s about time more and more people became aware of proper First Aid Practices in this country. Due to lack of healthcare facilities near project sites in Punjab, taking care of cuts and bruises can prove inconvenient for many without proper supplies”, claims Bilal Mumtaz, Director of Marketing at “Rock Shield is honored to be partnered with such a leading name in the healthcare industry, and is continuing its own proud legacy of being a leader in texture coating by aligning itself with high caliber companies in their respective industries. That’s how RockShield sets out to refurbish ‘homes’ and not simply ‘houses’ – through the power of health and safety to create a comfortable environment”, were the words of Daniyal Ayat of Rock Shield.

Here is the video that Rock Shield has released:

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